Business profile

The firm was built in 1984 by specialized technicians of the sector.

Since from the beginning the aim of the firm was to offer to customers both machine equipment technologically advanced and technicians capable to resolve any kind of problems.

To be able to offer this kind of service our technicians partecipate peridically to follow up and professional training courses in firms that produce machines that we commercialize because they are concessionaries of the trade marks:
This means that our firm obtains directly from the building firm both the machines and the spare parts which supplies the purchaser of the direct guarantee of the producer.

Our services

We have an equiped workshop with machine tools that we use for the construction of the equipment and of the various change parts.

We have available a store for the spare parts and accessories of all the trade names with more than 20.000 pieces.

We also have a big choice of used machines that are overhauled before being selled in order to offer guarantee and trustness.

We sell and offer technical assistence even abroad.

We also prepare the lay-out of complete firms and we supervise all the processes of realization.

Where we are